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Our mission is to help the world's most important organizations solve their toughest problems. 


We will help to drive your priorities in one of the most critical inflection points in the nation’s history – the “wicked problems” which converge at the intersection of national security, trade policy, and economic security. This delicate area of convergent domains needs to be addressed with the precision of a scalpel, wielded by someone who knows exactly where to operate. Because we presently live in an era of interdisciplinary conflict, the intense state of global geopolitical competition requires steadfast leadership across multiple domains, as well as the technical skills to effectively navigate these turbulent waters.


This new era of global conflict and collaboration requires expertise that combines years of professional experience with scholarly inquiry to bring pragmatic solutions to the forefront. With surgical precision, we provide that dedicated focus in applying competitive principles to create resilience, security, and innovation for organizations in need. Our on the ground experience provides the necessary tools to lead, empower, and develop top talent through both technical delivery and the execution on a collective vision.

Specializing in: CFIUS | FOCI | Geoeconomics | M&A Strategy 

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Risk-Benefit Analysis

Providing guidance and support to external counsel and companies to perform risk-benefit analysis for covered transactions under CFIUS jurisdiction. Including a risk-based assessment of national security risks, as well as evaluating and developing net-benefit models to provide a holistic understanding of the transaction. 

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Compliance Program

As companies are negotiating, designing, and implementing compliance protocols, we provide mitigation expertise to deconstruct key requirements into functional directives. Working 1:1 with the Security Officer and management personnel, this model will establish a mature readiness program to bring the company into compliance with speed and efficiency. The program will create a resilient mitigation model that is cost-effective and scalable. 

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Outside Director | Officer

Providing seasoned and experienced professionals to serve in critical roles at an organization under CFIUS or FOCI mitigation. The individuals holding these positions are responsible for performing their duties in a manner believed to be in the best interest of the company but consistent with the national security concerns of the United States.

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