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From Theory to Practice

Educating the next generation of global leaders is critical to our collective future. Lash's courses focus on evaluating the complex interdisciplinary domains of global economic strategy, conventional political-military issues (such as defense strategy, security cooperation, and strategic futures), as well as non-traditional warfare (economic espionage and advanced technologies) that define the future of U.S. foreign and security policy.

As a practicing national security and international business strategy professional, Lash believes there is expansive value in professional development that is connected to practice. He has an ability to connect with students to translate theory into practical implications for business strategy, national security, and global grand strategy.


Lash's perspective on teaching and learning is that critical thinking involves assimilating and digesting information, creating mosaic interpretations of data and information from a variety of diverse perspectives, and then synthesizing that information and using it for analysis in the face of new and different contexts.


Juniata College - Assistant Professor: Accounting, Business, & Economics

  • MBA 590 International Business Strategy

  • MBA/ORG 511 Quantitative Analysis

  • EB 480 Senior Seminar

  • EB 342 Management Information Systems

  • EB 299 Entrepreneurship Lab

  • EB 211 Business Statistics

  • EB 131 Financial Accounting


Southern Methodist University - Adjunct Lecturer

Cox School of Business

  • MNGT 6270: Global Business Strategy​ 


Penn State University (World Campus) - Adjunct Lecturer

Homeland Security Program

  • HLS 597: Homeland Security Executive Short Course​ 


Slippery Rock University - Adjunct Lecturer

Department of Homeland and Corporate Security Studies 

  • HHS 441: Terrorism, Law, and National Security​ - This course examines terrorism-its structure, causes, and illegal financing and the evolution of domestic and international laws evolving to deal with terrorism and national security.


The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) - Adjunct Lecturer

  • INSS 3348: Cyberspace and National Security​ - This course examines critically the ubiquitous nature of the cyber domain in U.S. national security. Fundamental principles and case studies in cyber warfare are covered in order to explain the importance of cyber power in national military strategy and in joint/combined operations, including defensive and offensive operations in cyberspace. There is an emphasis on Russian and Chinese cyber warfare capabilities and operations in addition to newly emerging threats from non-state actors.

  • INSS 3302: Seminar in Intelligence and National Security - This seminar examines the process of intelligence and its role specifically in U.S. national security. Students are exposed to the theory and practice of intelligence. Special emphasis is placed upon understanding the major issues and challenges associated with the various intelligence disciplines and the organization of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

  • INSS 2302: Security Studies - This undergraduate survey course examines security from a global perspective and discusses security issues that transcend borders, and which can only be adequately addressed through global security cooperation. Most of these global security issues are non-traditional in the sense that they are not directly related to traditional nation state competition and interstate war. The course introduces the concept of "global security" and discusses the key theories, concepts, and issues that fall under its domain, such as realism, liberalism, great power politics, regional issues, and asymmetric conflict.


Juniata College - Adjunct Faculty

  • MBA 590: International Business Strategy​ - This course is an advanced level international business strategy course that focuses on the development of skills to understand a variety of business issues that professional managers face when managing organizations in international markets.

  • AC 538: Forensic Accounting - This course covers specific fraud schemes and crimes, the indicators of fraud, theories of fraud detection and prevention, and forensic accounting investigative techniques.


Waynesburg University - Adjunct Faculty

  • BUS 209: Forensic Accounting​ - This course develops a foundation of knowledge for forensic accounting by examining what forensic accounting is and how forensic accounting principles are applied in both civil and criminal legal proceedings. This course covers specific fraud schemes and crimes, the indicators of fraud, theories of fraud detection and prevention, and forensic accounting investigative techniques.

  • BUS 426: Fraud Examination - An advanced review of strategies and tactics essential to the fraud examination process.

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